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An Academy Award winner will share useful tips during the “Scanorama” industry event

An Academy Award winner will share useful tips during the “Scanorama” industry event

The 13th European Film Forum “Scanorama” will be hosting numerous influential film professionals from all across Europe. They are coming to Vilnius to attend the 11th film industry event “Scanorama directions”.

The event will take place on Saturday, 14 November, in the National Gallery of Art. This will be the gathering of both film professionals, seeking for new developments in the industry, and young talents, eager to deepen their knowledge and to work with world-renowned directors, producers and sales agents from Scandinavia and Western Europe.

This year, the event will explore the topics of project development and preparatory works, and will cover the creative side of production, the management of different projects and successful film sales.

During “Scanorama directions”, curious Lithuanian film industry professionals and beginners will be able to learn from the award-winning directors, producers and lecturers, teaching at the University of Oxford, The National Film and Television School and London Metropolitan University.  

Director Mat Kirkby (Great Britain), an Academy Award winner, is among the lecturers this year. He was awarded an honorary Oscar for the 20 minute length drama The Phone Call (2015), which was recognized as the best short film. Before he went into filmmaking, M. Kirkby had already been a well-known maker of commercials and music videos. He worked with “Nike”, “PlayStation”, and musicians, such as Adele (the winner of nine Grammy Awards), “Muse”, “Basement Jaxx” and others. In the conference of “Scanorama directions” M. Kirkby will describe his path to Oscar and fame and will share some useful tips during the Q&A session.

Gavin Humphrie is another prominent lecturer from Great Britain. He is the founder of “Quark Films”, a production company that releases films appreciated in the Cannes, “Sundance” and other film festivals. During the event, he is revealing the creative production peculiarities from the producer’s perspective.

Silje Nikoline, a sales agent in “Trust Nordisk”, the leading sales company in Scandinavian countries, will reveal what the sales agents are looking for. James Cotton (Great Britain), the founder of “Cotton Reel Entertainment” production company, will introduce to film sales culture and trends, and Irena Taskovski (London), the founder of “Taskovski films LTD”, distributing documentaries and feature films, will present the main principles of film marketing success.  

During “Scanorama directions”, both participants and lecturers will be able to take part in presentations, lectures, and debates, look for new ideas and discuss, whether there is a common Baltic filmmaking vision. The language of the event will be English.

Registration for those who wish to participate in “Scanorama directions” is open until 11 November.

Registration forms can be found here:

European Film Forum “Scanorama” will take place on 5-22 November in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda and Siauliai.