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The 16th Season of Scanorama Has Begun

The 16th Season of Scanorama Has Begun

Once again, European Film Forum Scanorama will bring  together cinema lovers in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai from November 8 - 25. For 16 years, Scanorma has been bringing Europe into Lithuanian cinemas, introducing the most interesting and significant European films. This year, films from 34 countries will be presented across 12 programmes.

“Not only will this year’s Scanorama invite you to enjoy quality cinema; it will also offer a glimpse into a deep, meaningful world behind the surface of a story line, as well as the re-introduction of legendary directors and their classics, that became history and drew the path for today’s cinema art,” said artistic director and festival founder, Gražina Arleckaitė, introducing the programme.

Guest of the festival: Margarethe von Trotta – on Bergman, personally

Time is measurement for the artistic value of films; it tests the universality and depth of film makers. From this perspective, the centennial of cinema giant Ingmar Bergman is as important as ever, and his works are being brought back to life once again. In Scanorama, the audience will have an opportunity to see his legendary films Seventh Seal, The Touch, Scenes from the Marriage, which will be shown in its original six hour run time, and  Saraband.

To help make the acquaintance with Bergman, the festival will feature two documentaries concerning his works: Bergman: A Year in a Life and Searching for Ingmar Bergman. The latter is one of the most awaited films of this year‘s programme and  will be introduced by the director Margarethe von Trotta, who will be visiting the festival together with her son and documentary co-creator, Felix Moeller.

“The lengthy, but accomplished journey of this film and its creators to Scanorama, as well as the traditionally powerful German cinema programme, is a result of a festival’s fruitful co-operation with Goethe Institute,” Arlickaitė said. “It is therefore, no coincidence that for the opening of the festival, we also chose a German film: Transit by Christian Petzold. It is an ecranisation of the Anna Seghers’s novel, adapted to the Europe of the present day.”

Modern cinema themes: power, loneliness, personality

Crossing Europe, the programme that introduces modern European cinema, will embrace universal topics which erase the boundaries of time. Power, loneliness and personality are the main points of conversation, which varies from dissonant to calm and deep.
The former is represented by films with no limits such as Border (Sweden), Climax (France), The Guilty (Denmark), The House That Jack Built (Denmark), Kuro (France) and DRIB (Norway). Fans of the hybrid cinema will have an opportunity to choose from the young eccentrics’ programme Whatever Works. Respects to the cinema classics will be paid with the opening film Transit (Germany), also Cold War (Poland), In the Aisles (Germany), Sunset (Germany), Happy as Lazarro (Italy) and Lemonade (Romania). The cathartic experience is promised with Blind Spot and Phoenix, which are the debuts of young Norwegian female directors. Among cheerful and temperamental films Woman at War (Iceland), The Trouble with You (France) and Los Bando (Norway). In the Special Screenings, Scanorama will traditionally open up the window to other continents. After introducing hot Latin America cinema last year, this year the festival will invite you to get acquainted with strikingly original modern Chinese cinema.

Lithuanian cinema news will be also introduced in Scanorama. Unlike before, this year’s festival will not only screen Lithuanian premiers, but also collaborations with other filmmakers. The highlight of this programme will be Scanorama’s closing film Bridges of Time, the most recent work of poetic documentary master Audrius Stonys and Latvian director Kristine Briede. It might seem challenging, even to the most faithful fans of the festival, to choose their favourite films from such a vast selection. Thanks to the novelty introduced by the patron of the festival, insurance agency If, choosing films will be turned into a smooth experience; the initiative will soon be available to the wide audiences and it will allow to ‘set a date’ with a film you liked or simply discover new film stories with one click on your smartphone or computer.

Discussions, lectures, encounters

Scanorama viewers will be also invited to participate in numerous other events, such as getting to know film makers, producers and actors and taking part in Cinema Club and Scanorama Directions discussions.Festival guests from the USA – Nancy Bishop and Kim Swanson – will discuss the particulars of international casting and tips for actors. Hannah Lee Miller from Great Britain will talk about producing animated series.

Cinema Club will continue the tradition of discussions at the festival venue, theForum Cinema Vingis in Vilnius, where the audience will have an opportunity to meet Tommi Korpela (Eternal Road), Thomas Stuber (director of In the Aisles), Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir (Woman at War), Camilla Strøm Henriksen (director of Phoenix), Gudny Hummelsvoll (producer of Phoenix) and Ylva Bjørkaas Thedin (actress in the Phoenix). We will be also interviewing Lithuanian directors Miglė Satkauskaitė (Leaving Your Comfort Zone), Audrius Lekavičius (Delta Zoo), Audrius Stonys (Bridges of Time) and other festival guests.  Directors Margarethe von Trotta, Felix Moeller and Thomas Stuber will invite the audience to their masterclasses. They will be discussing the problems of the auteur cinema. Scanorama’s guests from Norway will discuss challenges of debuting in the modern cinema.

European Film Forum Scanorama is taking place November 8 - 25, in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai.