Terms  and conditions of entry for the competition programme “New Baltic Cinema”:


  1. Young cinema professionals and film school students from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia can participate in the short film competition "New Baltic Cinema" in the European Film Forum Scanorama.
  2. A film is considered to be from Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia if the director is a citizen of one of these countries or if the production company and the company, owning the rights to the film is registered in Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia.
  3. No films longer than 35 minutes can be submitted for the competition.
  4. The submitted films must have been created no earlier than September 1st, 2016.
  5. The films are categorized as fictional, documentary, animated or experimental.
  6. The film submitted for the competition must not have been shown previously in any cinema or any other Lithuanian festival. It has to be the national or Lithuanian premiere of the film.
  7. The film, submitted to the festival, must not have any radical changes after being accepted (editing, colouring, effects, etc.)
  8. The film submitted for the completion must not be publicly shown on the Internet.
  9. If contact information referred in the registration form changes, one must notify organizers and update contact information.


  1. The registration runs untill August 10th, 2018.
  2. The registration forms can be filled HERE.
  3. The registration is free.
  4. When submitting more than one film, separate forms for each must be filled.
  5. Films for the competition must be submitted with an online access (to, with a password)
  6. The film submitted to the competition can be in the state of post-production.
  7. The inclusions in the competition programme will be personally confirmed by September 5th, 2018.  


  1. Chosen films are shown in DCP or 35 mm format.
  2. The authors of the selected films are obliged to present a finished, ready for screening copy of the film by October 20th.
  3. The film’s copy and the trailer must be presented with English subtitles.
  4. The producer of the film (if it’s from Lithuania) and the curator of the programme decide the date and time of the technical screening in the cinema theatre. At least one person of the creative team must attend the screening.
  5. Every film in competition gets one technical screening.


  1. The best film by a Lithuanian director will receive 3 thousand euros as financial support.


  1. SCANORAMA has the right not to include a film in the competition programme “New Baltic Cinema” if the authors of the film have not fulfilled the requirements stated in the General Regulations.
  2. The festival decides the amount, location, date and time of the screenings.
  3. The text of synopsis of any film from competition may by altered.
  4. At least one person of the creative group of Lithuanian films must attend the premiere and any question-and-answer event during the festival.
  5. For the use of the film, its screening during the festival, the festival has no obligations to pay royalties to the owner of the copyright.
  6. By filling the application and accepting the rules of participation, a participant of “New Baltic Cinema” agrees to follow all the rules of the program.


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