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– O kur gi ji slepia savo uodegą? Jei velnio žymėta, turi būti uodega. Kur ją slepia?

– Į apatinius.

– Tokią ilgą uodegą į apatinius?

– Nieko, susitvarko.

A middle-aged zoo worker Natasha (actress Natalia Pavlenkova) still lives with her mother in a small coastal town. She is stuck and it seems that life has no surprises for her until one day… she grows a tail and turns her life around. Playful and even magical, Zoology is a mischievous tale about a tail and the consequences of being different.


Karlovy Vary International Film Festival: Special Prize of the Jury, Sochi Open Russian Film Festival: Best Actress and Prize of the Guild of Russian Film Scholars and Film Critics

Ivan I. Tverdovsky

Ivan I. Tverdovsky graduated from the Russian Institute for cinematography in 2011. His early documentary works won him multiple awards in Russia and at international film festivals worldwide. His fiction debut Corrections Class (2014) won over 35 prizes worldwide, including East of the West Award (Crystal Globe) at the 49. Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Zoology is Ivan’s second feature project.