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– Po poros savaičių viskas grįš į savo vėžes, pamatysi.

– Ne. Aš nenoriu vėl būti tokia, kaip anksčiau.

Ania (by Lilith Stangenberg) is lonely and often feels misplaced. One early morning, on her way to work, she finds herself gazing into the eyes of a wolf. This encounter has a staggering effect on her daily life. Ania decides to capture the wolf and lock him up in her tiny apartment . Once she starts sharing her life with this wild animal, she begins to draw away from the civilized world. She discovers passion and sexuality, opens up to her instinct shakes off the social finesse and complaisance. It seems that dirty and angry she can only repel, but the effect is almost the contrary. This film is not a mere respite from routine: it speaks to our innermost craving for freedom, to the animal in us.

Nicolette Krebitz

Nicolette Krebitz was born and raised in Berlin. After graduating from the National Ballet School, she studied The Art of Acting at The Fritz Kirchhoff School in Berlin until 1992. Since then she initially worked in German film and television productions as an actress. Since 2000 Krebitz also writes her own screenplays and works as a director. She was awarded the Special Award of the German Film Critics Association for her film The Heart is a Dark Forest (2006).