White People

Film stills

Kai turėsi pakankamai jėgų, daugiau nebereiks čia gulėti. Tada vyksi su manimi namo.

Alex (played by Vera Vitali) is in prison awaiting deportation. She doesn’t know where exactly she is or where she will be taken. Alex refuses to accept such destiny and decides to break free. In a community which is based on the power and the strong hierarchy, Alex is forced to confront the human nature and its dark sides. The White People is a film inspired by the science fiction.

At Gulbage Awards nominated for Best Supporting Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Sound, Best Make-up, Best Music. At Stockholm Film Festival won Feature Film Award.

Lisa Aschan

Lisa Aschan, Swedish director and screenwriter, studied film studies in Sweden and Denmark. Her first feature film She Monkeys premiered at the Gothenburg Film Festival in 2011 and received the top competition prize, the Dragon Award for Best Nordic Film. It also won festival’s FIPRESCI prize. The film received the award at the Tribeca Film Festival for Best Narrative Feature.