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Galėtumėt per vidurį apgyvendint budistus,

jie būtų buferis tarp hinduistų ir sunitų.

It’s not easy to brightly discuss such themes as the migrant crisis which is weighing on Europe during the last few years. However, it looks like this film manages to send the message that the most important thing - from Africa to the Arctic - is to be a human being.

A not-that- lucky entertainer Primus (by Anders Baasmo Christiansen) comes up with a plan how to maintain the family business. He decides to convert his family’s hotel into a refugee reception center, and takes in the first fifty refugees even before the construction works are finished. Thanks to one of the refugees, Abedi (by Olivier Mukata), the first night in the shelter doesn’t turn into a religious war, and Abedi continues to accompany Primus, who apparently is not really sure of what he's into.


Göteborg Film Festival: Audience Award for Best Nordic Film

Rune Denstad Langlo

Rune Denstad Langlo is a Norwegian film director. He started his career i cinema after various experiences in other fields. Throughout his career as a film director, he has created a film for television, also a few feature documentaries and features. His first feature North (2009), for which he was awarded the Best New Narrative Director award in Tribeca Film Festival, has been screened in Scanorama.