Wasted Youth

Film stills

– Mums priklauso visas pasaulio laikas, nesuprantu, ko taip skubi.

– Ogi ne! Mums nepriklauso visas pasaulio laikas.

Wasted Youth is set during a hot summer day in Athens. A sixteen-year-old skater and his friends are amusing themselves in the big city. A middle-aged man struggles to take care of his family, through work that he hates, and mounting stress. Their lives intersect in this contemporary portrait of the city of Athens. A society in crisis.
“Some films are made with a sense of urgency. With such films, it is now or never. Wasted Youth is most certainly one of these films. We started without a script or a finance plan. We filmed in a documentary style, outside on the streets, with a small crew. The Vasilis character is very close to everyday reality in Athens: exhausted, confused, unable to make any progress, brimming with desperation and aggression. <...> This is a film [also] about the essence of adolescence, its liveliness and exuberance remaining at its very heart,“ tell directors Argyris Papadimitropoulos and Jan Vogel.


Rotterdam International Film Festival – Opening film of the 40th edition, nominated for the Tiger Award; official choice of International Film Festival of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Argyris Papadimitropoulos, Jan Vogel

Argyris Papadimitropoulos was born in 1976 in Athens and studied Media & Film in Oxford and in Athens. In 2003 he directed his first short Pendulum, which won the Best Screenplay Award in the San Francisco Festival. In 2004 he directed his second short film Tender, which garnered numerous awards and gave him the passport for Berlinale’s Talent Campus. In 2008, Argyris made his first feature film Bank Bang, which won the First Time Director Award from the Hellenic Film Academy. Argyris has directed more than 100 commercials. At the same time he has his own production company Oxymoron Films.

Jan Vogel was born in 1973 in Ecuador and grew up in Hamburg, Germany. He studied business and cultural studies. He has been working in film production since 1994 and in 1997 he pursued a master’s degree in cinematography at the A.F.I. in Los Angeles. Since 1999 he has been working as a director and cinematographer in Germany in various commercials, short films and documentaries. In 2003, he founded Dickes Film Production in Berlin together with René Villar-Rios and Alexander Papastavrou. Wasted Youth is his first feature film.