The Wait

Film stills

Kai Džiuzepė man pasiūlė atvykti čia, mes jau kelias savaites buvom nesikalbėję.

Jis mane nustebino. Maniau, kad mūsų istorija jau baigėsi.

In the vast rooms of an ancient villa marked by the passing of time, Anna, following an unexpected bereavement, spends her days in solitude. Unexpectedly, Jeanne arrives, a young woman who says she is the girlfriend of Anna’s son, Giuseppe. He has invited her to spend a few days’ holiday together. Anna is unaware of Jeanne’s existence. And Giuseppe is not there. But all of his things are in his room. Soon he will be back, says Anna, unable to reveal the unspeakable truth. As the days go by, the two women slowly get to know each other and together they begin waiting for Easter Day, when Giuseppe will finally come home and there will be a great traditional procession in the village.
Venice Film Festival – in competition, Leoncino d’Oro Agiscuola Award, FEDIC Award – Special Mention, SIGNIS Award – Honorable Mention; London Film Festival – nominated for Sutherland Award in First Feature Competition.

Piero Messina

Piero Messina was born in Sicily, in 1981. After graduating cum laude in Performing Arts at Rome University, he earned a degree in Film Directing from Italy’s National Film School, the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. He directed several short films and documentaries that were selected at prestigious international film festivals. Among others: Land (2012), Newton’s First Law (2012) and The Door (2010). He was Paolo Sorrentino’s assistant for the films This Must Be The Place (2011) and The Great Beauty (2013). The Wait is his feature debut.