Valley of Peace

Film stills

- Markai, ar greitai ateis rytojus?

- Greitai. Pirma pradės giedoti paukščiai. Tu juos išgirsi. O tada ateis diena ir švies saulė.

Slovenia, WWII. Two young orphans, a German girl and a Slovenian boy, escape from a town which has just been bombed. They have heard about a lost valley where there is always peace and they set out to find it. Right above them, an African-American pilot parachutes from his fighter plane shot down by the German army. Both Germans and partisans know that the pilot has survived and are ready to find him.


Cannes Film Festival – Best Actor Award

France Štiglic

France Štiglic (1919 – 1993) was a Slovenian film ir director and screenwriter. His film The Ninth Circle (1960) was Yugoslavia's submission for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 33rd Academy Awards, where it was shortlisted for the award.