Too Young to Drive

Film stills

– Mergaitė vos trūkio negavo.

– Nu tai nereikėjo tiek prisikraut.

Two strangers accidentally meet on a train and immediately find it hard to communicate. Too Young to Drive is a story about the hardship of finding ways to each other.


Marija Stonytė

Marija Stonytė was born in 1991 in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2010 she graduated from the Vilnius Jesuit Gymnasium. Marija’s directing work started when her script was accepted to the educational cinema seminar Kino atostogos. Since then she studied and graduated from Skalvija’s film academy, got a Bachelor’s degree in film directing at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. She has already directed several short films and documentaries. Too Young to Drive is her final work as a Bachelor’s degree student.