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Tai tiesiog taip... prancūziška.

Love at first sight is somewhat similar to the first swimming lesson - you fall into the water and do everything to remain afloat. Samir (act. Samir Guesmi) is experiencing this comparison first hand when trying to find a way to the heart of a swimming instructor Agathe (actress Florence Loiret Caille): pretending he does not know how to swim, he takes swimming lessons under Agathe's guidance. "It is so...French!" sigh two Icelanders, when they hear this crazy lovestory.


Cannes Film Festival program Directors Forthnight: SACD prize for the best screenplay.

Sólveig Anspach

Solveig Anspach, an Icelandic - French film director and screenwriter, died of breast cancer before seeing her last feature film premiered on the programme of Directors Fortnight of the Cannes Film Festival. Anspach is the author of numerous documentaries and feature films, many of which have been nominated and awarded with prestigious film awards for script, best director work etc.