Three Things

Film stills

- Užsiauginai raumenis.

- Šiek tiek sportavau.

- Turbūt, kalėjime nedaug kitų užsiėmimų.

Mikael is an expert on explosives and the prime suspect of a big money deposit robbery. The police are negotiating with him the terms of a witness protection deal. In order to agree to the deal Mikael demands three things: that his former girlfriend is brought to him, that the police bring the contents of a box he has stored, and that he is served butter chicken from his favourite restaurant. The police, under heavy time pressure, agree.

Jens Dah

 Jens Dah (g. 1961) is a Danish director and writer. He graduated from the National Danish Film School. His short fiction 2 girls 1 cake (2013) was selected for Sundance Film Festival and won a Danish Robert for best short fiction.