The Surge

Film stills

Koks vyras palieka žmoną vieną tik susituokęs?

Brazil in 1821, shortly before independence. Like many of his countrymen mine owner Antonio lives on his estate with a group of slaves and breeds cattle. Having lost his wife and child during the child’s birth he marries Beatriz, his late wife’s twelve-year-old niece. He dedicates himself to his cattle, leaving her alone with the slaves. Determined to find her place in this community, self-confident Beatriz manages to shake up the balance of power characterised by violence, bullying, sexual assault and miscommunication.


Berlin International Film Festival – “Panorama Special”

Daniela Thomas

Daniela Thomas began her carrer in the early 1980s at La MaMa Experimental Theater in New York. She then returned to Brazil and worked as a writer and co-director with Walter Salles on the feature films "Foreign Land" (1995), "Midnight" (Locarno Film Festival Official Competition, 1998) and “Linha de Passe” (Cannes Film Festival Official Competition, 2008). Alongside her film work she is also a theatre director and writer, designs opera and theatre sets, exhibitions and installations.