Kamiu ir Kirkegoras pasakė viską. „Nesituok ir pasigailėsi.

Tuokis ir pasigailėsi. Tuokis arba nesituok, vis tiek gailėsies.“

Christian is the owner of a wine store that is about to go bankrupt and he is just as unsuccessful in just about every other aspect of life. His wife has left him. Now she works as a successful football agent in Buenos Aires and lives a life of luxury with star football player Juan Diaz. One day, Christian and their 16-year-old son get on a plane to Buenos Aires. Christian arrives under the pretence of wanting to sign the divorce papers together with Anna, but in truth, he wants to try to win her back!
“Essentially I wanted to tell a story about love. SuperClásico is about different kinds of love. Every character we meet in the film has an idea of what love is. The problem with our sorrow in relation to love and divorce and loss is that we tend to make a claustrophobic prison for ourselves. This film tries to open it up and view it in a highly cheerful light. It deals with very serious matters, but it insists on seeing the positive emotions in the situation”, says director Ole Christian Madsen.

Ole Christian Madsen

Ole Christian Madsen was born in 1966, Denmark. Graduated in direction from the National Film School of Denmark, 1993. Directed the highly acclaimed 6-part drama series The Spider (2000). His second feature was the critically acclaimed Kira’s Reason – A Love Story (2001); third Angels in Fast Motion (2005) drew a large audience in just a few weeks. Prague (2006) was another box-office success as well as his newest film Flame & Citron (2008). This film was also screened in Scanorama.