Sunrise Supervising

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Ilgai svajojom apie kerštą. O dabar, kai jau turim šansą, tai nieko nesugalvojam. Bet bent žinom, ką daryt su namu. Pradėsim nuo izoliacijos, nes baisiai šalta, o moterų šiluma kažkaip nebeįdomi.

The unpunished injustice brings three former prisoners into the small town – once they were bothered by the same StB agent. And this man owns the inn in this town now. These three men decide to take the justice into their own hands, but they find out that they have no talent for that… They meet femme fatale and give her emotion and place for living. In return she shows them the difference between the revenge and the punishment. They all go through eastern.
Trilobit Beroun Awards – Prestigious Film Award; Neisse Film Festival – Special Prize of the Saxon Film Association; screened in Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

Pavel Göbl

Pavel Göbl was born in 1967 in Czechoslovakia. He studied Directing at FAMU in Prague (2002). He made TV films Maple Goulash (2001), Juicy Girl (2004) and Yokels (2005). His feature film debut was the tragicomedy Rail Yard Blues (2006). He then came up with the comedy Veni, Vidi, Vici (2009), the avant-garde flick Gorilla (2011) and the fairy tale The Blacksmith from Woodham (2013). Göbl is also an established writer.