Suicide Room

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Tu išlepęs. Tu ne gėjus! O jeigu ir taip – pasilaikyk tai sau!

Dominik is the product of a marriage driven by success and ambition between Andrzei, a businessman, and his wife Beata. There are only one hundred days to go before his final exams. Dominik is expected to graduate with excellent grades and gain entry into the finest university. Through a series of humiliating events with classmates, Dominik's world crashes down. Unable to bear the thought of school any more, Dominik withdraws, drifting into a virtual world. Online he meets Sylwia who introduces him to her friends in the Suicide room, a chat room for people with suicidal tendencies. Dominik allows Sylwia to lure him into a dangerous game.
“Of all beautiful themes in global art, I was always greatly inspired by love during puberty. It was no different during the production of Suicide Room where love, puberty and rebellion became intertwined with the hysteria of Internet communities, addiction to illusion, unrestrained obsession with another person, unlimited and in effect deadly dangerous possibilities of autocreation in the virtual world and a great longing for love. Our team looked for inspiration mainly in Geothe's The Sorrows of Young Werther and Shakespeare's Hamlet – in both cases these creations, when clashed with the digital world, took on a new, very modern meaning. Werther is a boy whose feelings for a girl leads him to insanity, and Hamlet is a young man who puts on a mask of madness to begin a very dangerous game with everyone around – both of these attitudes describe the main character Dominik, a representative of our times. In a world where everyone has learned to express one's needs and fight for oneself, to be effective and demanding, everyone knows how to speak. However not everyone knows how to listen. As a result of these insane transformations, the modern man is lonely and in peace with loneliness <...>“, says director Jan Komasa.


Berlin Film Festival – selected for Panorama section; New Horizons International Film Festival – Best Polish Debut Film; Krakow Off Plus Camera Film Festival FIPRESCI Award; Polish Film Festival in Gdynia – Silver Lion Award.

Jan Komasa

Jan Komasa was born in 1981. Graduate of philosophy in Warsaw and directing at the Łódź Film School. Author of documentaries, adverts and music videos. His student film Nice to See You won an award in Cannes (2004). Suicide Room is his full-length feature debut.