Strawberry Days

Film stills

- Niekam negali pasakoti apie mus.

- Kodėl?

- Nes esu tavo viršininkė.

15-year-old Wojtek travels to Sweden from Poland with his parents to work on a farm picking strawberries. He encounters a dark underworld where foreign guest workers are exploited by indifferent Swedes. Against all odds he forms a connection with the farmer’s daughter, Anneli. But the outside world will never accept the relationship, and in the end the two young lovers find themselves trapped on opposite sides of a conflict.

Wiktor Ericsson

Wiktor Ericsson born in 1973, is a Swedish screenwriter and director. He has been headwriter of the TV-series “Starke Man” and “Halvvägs till himlen” and the director of the short “KK”. In 2013 he made his feature film debut with the documentary “A Life In Dirty Movies”. “Strawberry Days” is his narrative film debut.