Stopped on Track

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Kol gyvenimas nesibaigė, turi būti verta jį gyventi.

The doctor told the truth. The days are numbered. Why me and why now? A man leaves wife and children behind, parents, friends, neighbours and yesterday's lover, the people in his life. Words are getting rare, longer the silence. In front of the window the year changes its colours. Dying is a final work to do. Not being alone while you are left behind alone, maybe that's a good thing. Forty-year old healthy Frank has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. He tries to accept the inevitable. However this story about death celebrates life.
“I was amazed by how little our society reflects on this issue. Because one thing we can surely say: it concerns all of us and can affect our lives anytime. But we prefer to push that aside and go on with our everyday life. The same applies for the cinema: there are abundant and fast deaths, but without showing what death means for the people involved. Or death hides behind melodramatic dramaturgical constructions, like the famous last trip to the ocean or the like, which draws attention away from the essential. For us it was very important to stick to the everyday experience and to show the process, take a look into the abyss but also at the lighter moments. What does it really mean for a man, his family and friends, when death gets in the way of all his life plans”, says director Andreas Dresen.


Cannes Film Festival – selector for Un Certain Regard programme, Best Feature.

Andreas Dresen

Andreas Dresen (b. 1963, Germany) is one of the most highly-awarded German directors. He started out as an amateur filmmaker, then studied at the Konrad Wolf Film and Television Academy in Potsdam-Babelsberg. His feature debut Silent Country (1992) competed at Karlovy Vary, and two other films, Night Shapes (1999) and Grill Point (2001) both screened in competition at the Berlinale. In 2003 Dresen sat on the jury at the Berlinale. Scanorama screened Grill Point, Nightshapes, Policewoman, Whisky and Vodka in 2009.