Split Sky

The film opens with very unusual views for Lithuania: vast landscapes under the snow, reindeer harness, helicopter which will take worker Steponas Kreivėnas, his Ukrainian wife Polina and son Marius from Moscow to Lithuania. He hardly remembers the way to his home village. He visits his aged parents and meets his brother Vacys who comes occasionally from town and his sister Šarūnė, who starts her journalist career in Vilnius. Only the eldest brother Mindaugas is missing. He disappeared after the war somewhere in the USSR. Once a large family is now scattered. After three months at home Steponas sets out to leave again. Regardless of the fact that his wife is pregnant and bored with this “gypsy life”. He leaves his son Marius with his parents and before leaving mentions that brother Mindaugas is alive.


VIII USSR Film Festival in Chișinău (1975) – second prize for Best Actress – Liubov Virolainen.

Marijonas Giedrys

Marijonas Giedrys (1933–2011) was born in Kaunas, graduated from the Film Institute in Moscow. He debuted with a novel film We Don't Need It Anymore (based on J. Baltušis story) which was a part in Live Heroes (Main Prize in Karlovy Vary Film Festival) in 1960. Giedrys worked as a second director in V. Žalakevičius One Day Chronicle. His films have a strong plot line and dramatic conflict. Intrigue in the film was very important for the director. He adapted many Lithuanian literature works of the 60s and 70s for his films. Split Sky is based on the novel of Vytautas Bubnys. Marijonas Giedrys directed the first significant Lithuanian historical film Herkus Mantas.