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17 year old Jon is more than surprised when Edith, the beautiful shopkeeper’s daughter, asks for help with a very private sexual matter. Jon agrees to help – maybe because she’s blind and just as much an outsider as he is. Jon is blamed for everything that goes wrong in this sleepy little town. Jon’s father is the first to remind him of his faults in an attempt to keep Jon from growing up. But there’s no stopping puberty and Jon is determined to help Edith on her way.
“I want to tell people that sensitivity and doubt can be positive attributes as well. That it’s cool to have something at heart. Skyscraper also reflects my own upbringing and my mixed feelings about being young; to dream about the unknown and the forbidden in a town where almost nothing happens and where the little things become gigantic, like knee high skyscrapers. For me, Skyscraper is a film about being young. But it’s just as much a film for the unresolved youth hidden within us all, no matter how old we are”, days director Rune Schjøtt.


Berlin Film festival – selected for Generation 14plus programme.

Rune Schjøtt

Rune Schjøtt was born in 1971, Denmark. Attended the scriptwriting course at the National Film School of Denmark. Has worked as a music producer, radio host and writer-director of radio drama for the national broadcaster. Skyscraper is Rune Schjøtt's feature film debut.