She Monkeys

Film stills

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She Monkeys is a modern western about control, sex and creatures. When Emma meets Cassandra, they initiate a relationship filled with physical and psychological challenges. Emma does whatever it takes to master the rules of the game. Lines are crossed and the stakes get higher and higher. Despite this, Emma cannot resist the intoxicating feeling of total control.
“She Monkeys plays with rules that surround human behaviour. I want to explore society’s contradictions by allowing young women to perform brutal actions. To show these taboos in contrast to the innocent and what seems to be naïve. The story’s focus is a power play between two teenage girls and the world around them. They’re in constant competition. They go back and forth between controlling and being controlled. I want to portray duplicity and uncertainty. To depict people who can be seen as individuals, but also as a part of a larger structure”, says director.


Berlin International Film Festival – Crystal Bear (Special Mention); Tribeca Film Festival – Best Narrative Feature; Gothenburg International Film Festival – Dragon Award Best Nordic Film, FIPRESCI prize.

Lisa Aschan

Director Lisa Aschan was born in Vejbystrand, Scania. She has studied in Stockholm Film School in 1998-99 and graduated from The National Film School of Denmark in 2005. Her films In Transit and Goodbye Bluebird have been shown in film festivals around the world. She has created and directed a drama series for the Danish TV channel DR1, attended the Royal Institute of Art, and worked at the Royal Dramatic Theatre. She Monkeys is her first feature film.