Self-Criticism of a Bourgeois Dog

Film stills

Esi komunistas filmų kūrėjas, o tokia subinė!

Young filmmaker Julian, ironically played by Julian Radlmaier himself, falls for young expat Camille, and offers her the leading part in his wannabe communist fairy tale film. Surprisingly she follows him in his search for inspiration, leftist ideals and enlightenment. A quirky political comedy on living and filmmaking – with magical twists.


Rotterdam film festival – “Bright Future”, Berlin film festival – “Perspektive Deutches Kino”, Crossing Europe Film Festival

Julian Radlmaier

Julian Radlmaier studied Film and Art History in Berlin and Paris, and then worked as an assistant director for Werner Schroeter. He also edited and translated theoretical writings on film by the French philosopher Jacques Rancière. According to Radlmaier, the theatrical style that defines his films is an act of defiance against established stylistic norms.