Satisfaction 1720

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Iš visos daugybės Tordenskjoldo priešų taika buvo didžiausias.

The Great Northern War is over and Vice Admiral Tordenskjold has no clue what to do with his life. His valet Kold persuades him to go on a vacation, which turns into a fun and freewheeling journey through Denmark and Northern Germany. Dark clouds gradually appear on the horizon, however, in Hanover, the increasingly alarmed Tordenskjold is forced into a suspicious duel. Henrik Ruben Genz re-imagines the Danish war hero as a kind of a rock star in a quasi-biopic full of recklessness, love affairs and crashing guitars.


Transylvania International Film Festival - nominee for best movie; Athens International Film Festival - nominee for best movie.

Henrik Ruben Genz

Henrik Ruben Genz received his first international recognition as a director thanks to an Academy Award nomination for his short film Brother, My Brother in 2000. He also received the Crystal Globe at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and the award for Best Director at the Chicago International Film Festival for Terribly Happy (2008). Satisfaction 1720 is Genz’s third feature film as a director.