Film stills

– Tu laiminga?

– Išmokau savęs šito neklausti.

A small farm community is on the brink of getting swallowed by raging war. Lives of the frightened locals get shaken by the arrival of two men on the run from the mysterious, apparently vengeful Peedu. Following events delve into the fine ties of human relationships and the meaning of individual existence lurking behind them. A seemingly pessimistic premise of the film slowly turns into something much more complex – a work that depicts the frailty of deep human connection and reaffirms it as a legitimate possibility once we learn to let go.

Veiko Õunpuu

Veiko Õunpuu was born in 1972 in Estonia. He has been a worker, a carpet salesman, a university dropout on three different occasions, a backpacker and a painter. In 2006 he founded the production company Homeless Bob Poduction and directed the independent short film Empty (2006). In 2007 presented first feature Autumn Ball (2007), that won the Horizon Award at the Venice Film Festival. In 2010 his second feature drama The Temptation of St. Tony screened in various film festivals around the world including Scanorama. In 2013 he made a film Free Range.