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Nubusdavau ryte ir apimdavo jausmas, kad sapnai tikresni nei šitai...

70 year old Yaakov Fidelman hangs on with all his might to the antique restoration workshop which has been his life's work. He rejects his son Noah's idea to close the business. He believes that with the help of his new apprentice Anton, he'll find a way to save his workshop, his world and his solitary way of life. Will the old man understand that his only hope for redemption is to learn to let go, admit and accept his weaknesses and the dictate of time?
“My choice to do this particular script came first and foremost from the choice of subject-matter: A father-son relationship, subject matter that, for me, is always a known and fertile territory, but more than that, the sense that the near abstract defining framework of the screenplay would allow me to build a world and ambiance just as important to the narrative. It is a script that allows a director to breathe and does not force him to chase the plot. With it, in spite of the seemingly understated narrative, there is a powerfully dramatic story in this screenplay, almost mythical or Shakespearian – of the triangle of a father, his biological son, and an adopted son”, says director Yossi Madmoni.


Israeli Academy Ophir Awards – nominated for 11 categories; Jerusalem Film Festival – won Best Feature, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Music; Karlovy Vary International Film Festival – Crystal Globe Award for the Best Film; Toronto International Film Festival – official selection; Sundance Film Festival – World Cinema Dramatic Competition, Dramatic Screenwriting Award.

Joseph Madmoni

Director and screenwriter Yossi Madmoni was born in Jerusalem, 1967. After he graduated from the Sam Spiegel Film School in Jerusalem, he went on to write and direct the acclaimed and popular TV series. With David Ofek he created The Barbecue People in 2003. In 2005 he wrote and directed Melanoma My Love winning an Israeli Academy Award the following year for best drama. A feature film version of the series was officially selected to the Montreal Film Festival and won him the most prestigious Israeli Filmmakers Award.