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Mes jau turėjome šį pokalbį, nejaugi neprisimeni?

Hit by a falling object in a freak accident, an unnamed man (actor Tom Sturridge) awakens from a coma with £8.5m in compensation and his memory gone. All that remains is a fragmentary image – a small boy at the top of a stairwell in an old house, reaching out his hand to an old lady on the floor below. In the hope of triggering a more complex memory, the man acquires a block of apartments and populates it with actors to play out the scene again and again and again... Structured like a never-ending Möbius Strip, Remainder is a portrait of a young man, obsessively delving into his fragmented past until he’s completely swallowed by it.


Athens Interntional Film Festival and Transilvania International Film Festival 2016 - nominated for the Best Picture and Best Film awards.

Omer Fast

Omer Fast is a video artist, interested in blurring of the boundaries between documentary, dramatization and fantasy. Among the honors he has received are the Preis der Nationalgalerie für junge Kunst (2009); Bucksbaum Award (2008); and the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Prize (2003). Remainder is his debut feature work.