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Yra dalykų, kurių nenorėtum žinoti.

Rebounce is an intense drama. Louise's mother is just out of prison and in the eye of a teenager she's cool, tough and enchanting. To win her love, Louise follows her lead and enters a world of partying, drugs, fast cash and men. Meanwhile, everyone seems to forget that she is just a teenager.
“I want to speak directly to young people without any overdone pedagogical touches. I want the audience to witness the downfall of our young protagonist, Louise, without pushing rights and wrongs. Louise is eager to get rid of the boundaries of her young teenage life, but the way she does it puts her whole life and identity at stake. In the end Louise is forced to make definitive decisions that might define the rest of her life. It is my hope that a young audience will draw its own conclusions about the dilemmas of this story, and that they will mirror themselves in the complexity of this young girl’s life”, says director Heidi Maria Feist.


Berlin Film Festival – selected for Generation Kplius programme; Festróia – Tróia International Film Festival – CICAE Award.

Heidi Maria Faisst

Heidi Maria Faisst was born in 1972, in Denmark. Graduate in direction at the National Film School of Denmark, in 2003. The Pact, her graduation film, was selected for Cinéfondation, Cannes. Rebounce is her second feature film.