Queen of Niendorf

Film stills

- Šiemet visi pasidarė keisti.

- Išskyrus tave?

- Nežinau.

The summer holidays begins but this year ten-year-old Lea stays at home. The girl rides her bike through the village all by herself and goes to visits Mark, an old musician. One afternoon she spots five boys lifting an oil barrel over the fence of a paint factory and driving away with their loot on a bicycle trailer. Lea discovers that they built a raft. Girls are not allowed in their gang but Lea wants to be part of it very badly and takes them up on a dare. Soon a boring summer is full of adventure.


Film festival “Achtung Berlin” – New Berlin Film Award

Joya Thome

Joya Thome (b. 1990) began acting in her father’s films at a young age. After graduating from High School, she started directing  own short films which screened at numerous international festivals. Queen of Niendor is her feature film debut.