Principles of Life

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Kad ir kur bebūčiau, aplink vien nebrendylos.

Emilian considers himself to be a fulfilled person. He has money, a new villa, he is married to a young woman with whom he has a baby and has a son from his first marriage. But things get a little bit complicated. The crisis at the end of the day makes him wonder if he is really happy and fulfilled.

“In my opinion, the main thing we learn from the end is the message that we have to learn to communicate with each other. Society shouldn’t just be about alienating yourself”, says Constantin Popescu.


Selected for competition in San Sebastian Film Festival and Transilvania International Film Festival.

Constantin Popescu

Romanian director Constantin Popescu was born in 1973. He has studied languages and literature in Bucharest and Salamanca. He wrote and directed his first short film The Apartment in 2004. His shorts have all participated at the big international festivals. His first feature Portrait of the Fighter as a Young Man was selected for the Berlin Forum in 2010.