Priest of Evil

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Kodėl Dievas turėtų man atleisti už tai, ką pats liepė padaryti?

Detective Sergeant Timo of Violent Crimes Unit is an honest and conscientious cop who loses his daughter in tragic circumstances. He is unable to recover from his loss. While he looks for a way to assassinate his daughter's killer, he works on various cases involving strange deaths at Helsinki's metro stations, eventually determining them to be serial killings. But while he seems to get closer to the killer, the killer is actually getting closer to him. He must find the murderer and as he tracks him down, he encounters an overwhelming darkness within himself.
“Priest of Evil is a crime thriller in which both detective and serial killer waiver between good and evil. I aim at observing two points: how is evil dressed in holly and how good grows into evil? Personal loss and traumatic experiences affect different people in different ways, but is there a monster hiding inside all of us? What is needed for the monster to take over? Our society is ill with indifference and individualism – and the disease can find shuddering forms of cruelty. In this brilliant story, also the bad are victims”, says director Olli Saarela.


Jussi Awards – nominated for Best Actor.

Olli Saarela

Olli Saarela was born in 1965, in Finland. He is one of the most acclaimed contemporary directors in Finland and his strong and unique vision can be seen in his films. His films have won 20 Jussi Awards. Scanorama screened Ambush and The Year of the Wolf which was selected as public's favourite in 2007.