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Šiuolaikiniai vaikai tikrai išlepę. Mamyte, nupirk “Playstation”, mamyte, nugalabyk tą žmogų.

She is not just another ordinary mom-to-be, preparing pink or blue clothing items for her baby-to-come. Ruthless Ruth (played by the actress and director of the film, Alice Lowe), as she calls herself, is taking revenge on those that have left her alone and inconsolable. When waving knives and, one would think, giving each what they deserve, she is just doing what her unborn baby is telling her to do. This gruesome black comedy has a shasher aftertaste, keeps the viewer engaged and on the egde of the seat for the whole duration of he film.

Alice Lowe

Alice Lowe is an English comedy actress and writer, known for Sightseers (2012), Locke (2013) and Hot Fuzz (2007). Prevenge is her directorial feature debut, which she wrote, starred in and directed while being 7-8 months pregnant with her first child.