Postscript To An Old Film

This film is a sequel to My Friends, a previous film by V. Starošas. Convinced by a young and ambitious kolkhoz’s chairman, classmates chose to work in a kolkhoz instead of continuing their studies. After 20 years they are trying to answer the question, whether they made a right decision.

Rimtautas Šilinis, Viktoras Starošas

Rimtautas Šilinis, born in 1937 in Utena, is a documentary director. During his career he created more that 70 films. His films were screened at many international film festivals and received multiple awards, including Lithuanian Government Prize. He worked as a Head of National Cinema Chronicle until 2009. Most famous films include Scar (1985), Noah’s Ark (1988), Credo (1989), etc.

Cinematographer and director Viktoras Starošas was born in 1921 in Kaunas. He co-founded Lithuanian Film Studio after returning from war in 1944. Starošas filmed one of the earliest post-war documentaries, cinema chronicles, directed reportages for Tarybų Lietuva film magazine.