Film stills

– Žinai ką? Aš tave myliu.

– Žinai ką? Nupirk vyno.

Haifa on a sunny day. Moshe is a crumbling man walking up the Carmel Mountain on yet another work day. Will this day mark his collapse? Uri walks down the mountain to board a ship and leave behind all the things he loves and despises. His sense of belonging is losing ground. He is likely to miss his military reserve service-call, thus risking jail. Will the two collide or pass through one another? An existential comedy, where the overbearing mountain with its endless stairs takes control over destinies in this unique panorama of the Mediterranean port city.
Cannes Film Festival – nominated for Golden Camera; Awards of the Israeli Film Academy – nominated for Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Editing and Best Sound Awards; selected for European Film Awards.

Elad Keidan

Elad Keidan is an Israeli film maker, writer and director. A graduate of the Sam Spiegel Film School in Jerusalem, he continues to study arts and film at the Tel-Aviv University. In addition to making films his experience includes TV work, academic writing and teaching. His short films were screened worldwide, amongst them Anthem which won the Cinéfondation 1st prize at Cannes 2008. Afterthought is his first feature.