The Party

Film stills

Šaunuolė, Dženet, didžiuojuosi tavim, nors ir manau, kad demokratijai galas.

Janet has just been appointed to a high-ranking political post and organizes a party for her closest friends. At the center of all this is Bill, Janet's husband, a university professor. Bill has a secret, the revelation of which completely upsets the balance of power among the protagonists. Shot during the heated period of the Brexit referendum, The Party is a powerful and direct commentary on the situation in the Great Britain.


Berlin International Film Festival – Guild Film Prize

Sally Potter


Sally Potter is a British film director, dancer, and choreographer. She started making films in the late 1970s, but her biggest success was the 1992 film “Orlando” starring Tilda Swinton, an adaptation of Virginia Woolf's novel. Her subsequent films have frequently used dance and music. Her 2009 film “Rage” was the first full-length feature to debut on mobile phones.