Film stills

This world is a world of grown up. The modules and the rules of everyday are created by them and for them. But the boundaries exist for those, who do not create them – kids. If they are forced to follow the path that is not theirs, how can they become their best selves?

Girlin Bassovskaja

Girlin Bassovskaja is a tandem of directors Jelena Girlin and Mari-Liis Karula. Jelena Girlin was born in 1979 in Estonia. She graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2001 as a stage designer. Mari- Liis Karula was born 1977 in Estonia. In 2001 she graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts. Right now M. L. Karula is doing her Master in Estonian Academy of Arts. They have already done three animation films under the name Girlin Bassovskaja (The Dress, Miriam’s Colors and Oranus). Papa is their fourth short film together.