The Other Side of the Plate

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Žmonės, kurie nori tapti virtuvės šefais, turi suprasti, kad tai velniškai sunku!

There is a food revolution happening in Estonia and chef Roman Zastserinski is leading it’s charge. His award-winning Tallinn restaurant Moon caters the country’s growing number of foodies. We go inside Moon’s kitchen where the upbeat Zastserinski, fellow chef Igor Andrejev, Roman’s wife Jana and their staff prepare the day’s menu. Creating gourmet food is hard work, made even more demanding when we see the culinary team open a second restaurant.

Maria Kivirand

Maria Kivirand (born in 1986) has graduated from the Baltic Film and Media School with a Master’s degree in television and documentary filmmaking. She has also studied language and culture in Spain and animation in Portugal. M. Kivirand works as a director, producer and editor.