On the other Side

Film stills

Nesupraskite manęs neteisingai, ponia... Jūsų vyras buvo tuose kraštuose. Jis buvo vienas tų... atsakingų Jugoslavijos kariuomenės žmonių.

Memories from the Bosnian war suddenly come back to Vesna (by Ksenija Marinković), a nurse working in Zagreb, after receiving an unexpected call,. For twenty years now she has been living between her home and work, helping her now grown-up children. With that call, her husband, a war criminal Zarko, who fought the war "on the other side", comes back into her life. An intense anxiety now fills up Vesna's days. 


Berlin International Film Festival - Label Europa Cinemas - Special Mention; FEST International Film Festival - Belgrade Victor for Best Film and Best Director, Nebojsa Djukelic Foundation Award; Pula Film Festival - Big Golden Arena award for Best Film, Croatioan Society of Film Critics Award, Golden Arena and Grand Golden Arena awards.

Zrinko Ogresta

Zrinko Ogresta is a Croatian screenwriter and director, known for his strong visual style and the capability to gradually uncover the anxieties and traumas of his characters, hidden behind the facade of the calm ordinary lives. Z. Ogresta's debut film Fragments (Krhotine, 1991) was nominated for the European Film Award. On the Other Side is his seventh feature. The director is currently teaching film direction in Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts and he is a member of the European Film Academy.