Oslo, August 31st

Film stills

 Ne, ne, dar bus tūkstantis tokių naktų kaip ši.

One man, one city, 24 hours. Anders will soon complete his drug rehabilitation in the countryside. He is still relatively young, but feels his life in many ways is already over. For the remainder of the day and long into the night, the ghosts of past mistakes will wrestle with the chance of love, the possibility of a new life and the hope to see some future by morning.
“Novel [script is based on Pierre Drieu la Rochelle's novel The Fire Within] has a very simple, yet extremely complex story about a clever, apparently very popular man, full of resources, who has a problem of dependence which leads him to ask certain existential questions, which was perfect to use against a backdrop we know so well. [...] we were able to closely explore a reality which we are very familiar with. We thought Oslo should be a document of a day in a city, which may look totally different if you watch it again in ten years’ time. That is why it starts with a montage of both public and personal memories”, says director Joachim Trier.


Cannes Film Festival – selected for Un Certain Regard programme; Haugesund Film Festival – Norwegian Film Critics' Award; selected for Toronto Film Festival; nominated for Nordic Council Film Prize and selected for European Film Awards.

Joachim Trier

Norwegian director Joachim Trier was born in 1974 Copenhagen. Joachim started film making in 1995, writing and directing several short films. He first attended European Film College in Denmark and later went on to National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield, England. He works as a commercial director. He had his feature film debut in 2006 with Reprise which has received a number of national Amanda Awards, as well as international recognition with prizes at international festivals such as Toronto, Istanbul, Rotterdam, Milano and Karlovy Vary.