The Noonday Witch

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Ta vienatvė ir karštis, kuriuos jauti – tai ji. Ji ateina ir pasiima.

Mixing elements of atmospheric horror and psychological drama, The Noonday Witch tells the story of Eliška (by Ana Geislerova), who moves back with her daughter Anetka (by Karolína Lipowská) to the native village of her mysteriously deceased husband. Eliška fails to tell Anetka that her father is dead, but when the lie is disclosed, their relationship begins to wither. At that time, the mythical Noonday Witch begins to materialize, threatening to steal Anetka from her mother. However, it's unclear whether the danger is real or it's all in Eliška's crumbling head.


Nominated for the East of West Award in Karolvy Vary International Film Festival.

Jiří Sádek

Jiri Sadek is a graduate of the film academy FAMO, founded by Academy Award nominated and BAFTA winning Czech cinematographer Miroslav Ondricek. The Noonday Witch is his first feature.