The Nile Hilton Incident

Film stills

- Gali baigti su Hiltono byla. Prokuroras uždarė ją kaip savižudybę.

- Ką? Savižudybė? Ji pati sau persipjovė gerklę?

Cairo police detective Noredin Mustafa is an ordinary corrupt cop. He’s handed the case of a singer found murdered in a Nile Hilton hotel room and soon discovers the dead woman’s secret relationship with the hotel owner—a wealthy developer and member of parliament. While searching for the only witness, he’s abruptly ordered to close the case. But Noredin continues, and the investigation leads to an “untouchable” elite who runs the country, immune from justice.


Sundance film festival – Grand Jury Prize.

Tarik Saleh

Tarik Saleh is a Swedish television producer, animator, journalist, and director. He is stylistically known for his montages, cut-out graphics, and lip-synching. He co-founded the Swedish production company Atmo.