The Next Skin

Film stills

– Ar tu tikrai mane prisimeni?

– Nejau juokauji? Aišku, kad prisimenu.

Gabriel, a lost and surly teenager returns home to a small town in the Spanish Pyrenees after having disappeared eight years prior. Eight years of incertitude and longing are a long period of time, therefore his family and friends areworried. All of them, including Gabriel himself (by Alex Monner), have the same doubt: is he really the same person the others think he is?


The film won 6 awards in Malaga Spanish Film Festival: Special Jury Prize, as well as prizes for the Best Director and Best Actress, Best Editing, Prize of the Jury of the Critics, and Prize of the Young Jury.

Isaki Lacuesta, Isa Campo

Spanish director Isaki Lacuesta graduated from the audiovisual communication in the University of Barcelona before he started directing. He has directed several shorts and two feature length films, one of which, The Legend of Time, has been well acclaimed in the international film festivals.