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Nevalgysiu lavonų!

Tai ne lavonas! Tai viščiukas.

Philippe Mars (by François Damiens) is a reasonable man in an unreasonable world. He is trying to be a good father, a kind ex-husband, a nice colleague, an understanding sibling. Unfortunately, his little world goes out of its planned orbit. His son is turning into a hardcore vegan, his daughter into a pathological overachiever and his sister is selling oversized paintings of their naked parents. Finally, Jérôme (by Vincent Macaigne), a mentally unstable colleague, arrives on the scene to carry Philippe’s life utterly out of control. News From Planet Mars is a somewhat different family film, which uses black humour, brilliant cast and a pinch of surrealism to offer a fresh look at family values.

Dominik Moll

Dominik Moll studied film at the City College of New York where he directed his first shorts, and then at the French National Film School (IDHEC) in Paris. He worked as an editor and assistant director with directors including Marcel Ophüls and Laurent Cantet before he began writing and directing his own films.