The New World

Film stills

Turiu tai padaryti, kitaip mirsiu ir aš!

Żanna is a Belarusian, living with her daughter at her sister's apartment in Warsaw, after having left her Belarusian husband, an opposition fighter. Azzam is an Afghan who is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and is considered to be a traitor in his homeland. Wiera is a Ukrainian who's run away to Poland to have a sex change operation. In the New World a trio of young filmmakers deliver a truly humane look at troubling situations of three young immigrants, who try to find their place in a new world - in Poland.

Elżbieta Benkowska, Łukasz Ostalski, Michał Wawrzecki

Elżbieta Benkowska has a degree in directing and Slavic studies. Her diploma film Olena was qualified for the short film competition at the 66th International Film Festival in Cannes.

Michał Wawrzecki is a theatre and film director, scriptwriter with a degree in directing. 

Łukasz Ostalski is an award winning press photographer, who has a degree in social studies and directing. His diploma film Mother has won numerous awards at Polish and international film festivals.