Natural Disorder

Film stills

Pirmąsyk mane sutikę žmonės paprastai pajunta instinktyvų troškimą arba nuo manęs bėgti, arba mane užmušti.

Today’s world values human body more and more, demanding for physical perfection. Stand-up comedian Jacob Nossell takes on a difficult task to find the right way of asking what does it all really mean and what would be the price for a genetically flawless society. Together with the director of the Royal Theatre, he starts working on the script for a play about the normality and... himself.

Christian Sønderby Jepsen

Christian Sønderby Jepsen graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in 2007. His 2012 documentary The Will (Testamentet) was the most watched Danish documentary of the year and he was awarded the prestigious Bodil Award for the Best Documentary of the year. Natural Disorder premiered in the main competition of the IDFA - Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival.