The Mountain

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This is the story of Nora and Solveig, a grief-stricken couple on a hike through the mountain range where they had a traumatic experience two years prior. Nora and Solveig are hiking through a snow-covered, rough, but beautiful scenery on a tour of several days that will take the two young women to the top of a mountain. The further the women advance on their trip, the closer they come to the place where a tragic incident happened; one that changed their lives completely...
“The Mountain is a film about a process of mourning, but also hope and atonement, without simple solutions. Even though the purpose of the women’s mountain trip is deeply serious and tragic, the film also contains wonderfully trivial scenes reminding us of the simplicities of being human. We see that life goes on and that, even in difficult times, there is beauty around us: brushing teeth in a brook at dawn, a helping hand crossing a screen, the sun breaking through after a rainfall, snow-flakes gently falling on eye lashes. Together with fragile sound and supporting music, this film rests gently in our minds. But the weight, pressure, sorrow and distance between the women colours the film, giving us the feeling that, much like a rose, beauty often comes with a thorn”, says director Ole Giæver.


Amanda Awards – nominated for the Best Actress; Berlin Film Festival – selected for Panorama programme.

Ole Giæver

Ole Giæver (b. 1977) was born in Tromsø, Norway. In 2005, he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Art Academy in Stockholm. Since graduating, he has written and directed several short films. Tommy received a European Film Award Nomination. This film screened at Scanorama in 2008. Summers Past earned a nomination for Best Screenplay at the Norwegian Academy Awards. The Mountain is his first full-length feature.