Memories of Summer

Film stills

Viskas dėl mano motinos. Aš tikrai jos nekenčiu.

Twelve-year-old Piotrek has a very strong bond with his mother. One summer, while his father is away, his mother starts going out almost every night. Entangled in the affairs of adults, Piotrek feels lost and lonely. Despite all the adventures of the holidays, he still is aware that upon his father's return, he will have to confront the uncomfortable truth.

Adam Guziński

Adam Guziński graduated in directing from the Łódź Film School in 1999. In 1998 his school exercise "Jacob" won the Cinéfondation Grand Prix at the Cannes festival. His next film, "Antichrist", was screened at over 80 festivals, winning numerous awards and special mentions. His full-length feature debut "The Boy on the Galloping Horse" premiered at the Cannes festival in 2006 and was presented at over 60 other festivals. "Memories of Summer" is his second feature.