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Tavo tėvas ir aš padarėme daug klaidų. Labiau iš kvailumo nei iš drąsos.

Ramasan has a lot of responsibility for an 11-yearold. In traditional Chechen society, he is now considered the man of the house in charge of his mother and two younger sisters. His world is now centred in Macondo, a tough ethnic neighbourhood in the industrial suburbs of Vienna.


Berlin International Film Festival – in competition, nominated for Best First Feature Award; Hong Kong International Film Festival – Golden Firebird Award for Young Cinema, nominated for FIPRESCI Prize; Seattle International Film Festival – nominated for New Director’s Showcase Award; Sarajevo Film Festival – CICAE award; selected for European Film Awards.

Sudabeh Mortezai

Sudabeh Mortezai was born in Germany, in 1968, to Iranian parents. She grew up in Tehran and in Vienna where she studied theatre, film and media science. Between 2002 and 2003 she studied film at the University of California in Los Angeles and then made a number of short films and documentaries. She is known for her documentary films Children of the Prophet (2006) and In the Bazaar of Sexes (2009). Macondo is her debut feature film.