Little Wing

Film stills

– Aš viską sugadinu, nes aš tiesiog blogas žmogus.

– Aš taip nesakiau.

A twelve-year-old Varpu doesn’t know her father but is in a good relationship with her mother. There’s only one problem: sometimes they have to change places. The grown-up woman falls in tears after a failed driving exam, climbs in her daughter’s bed seeking for comfort, and even manages to forget the little girl’s birthday. Frustrated by her mother’s odd behavior, Varpu steals a car and embarks on a quest across the country to find her biological father. The eccentric artist isn’t exactly what she expected, but this journey through Finland and her mind helps Varpu grow to adulthood strong and with dignity.

Selma Vilhunen

Selma Vilhunen, Finnish director and screenwriter, creates feature and documentary films. The script for the feature film Homesick (2005) was co-written together with Petri Kotwica. Her short film Do I Have to Take Care of Everything (2012) was nominated for Oscars. The feature Little Wing was presented in Toronto International Film Festival 2016.