Little Snow Animal

Film stills

A 16-year-old girl calls a radio night talk show, telling the host about her miserable life. In a unique associative mixture of fiction, documentary, animated scenes and music, the film captures the inner universe of a troubled teenager struggling with the consequences of her deeds.


Palm Springs International ShortFest – Student Award for Best Documentary; Tampere International Film Festival – Grand Prix, Main Prize; European Film Awards – nominated for Best Short Film Award.

Miia Tervo

Miia Tervo was born in 1980 and grew up in Lapland, and has studied film in the Turku Arts Academy as well as majoring in documentary in School of Art and Design in Helsinki. Her previous short films Seal and Little Snow Animal have both been extremely successful and awarded internationally. She is now working on her first feature documentary. Also, her poetry has been published in several collections and anthologies.